Why Is Zeal For Life Right For You?

Is Zeal For Life right for me?Who is Zeal For Life right for?  What can Zeal For Life do for you?  Why would you want to get involved in Zeal For Life and the Zeal For Life Challenge?

These are all great questions that have been coming my way through many emails…  The fact is while Zeal For Life may not be right for everyone, it is the right fit for most!

Zeal For Life and The Zeal For Life Challenge are right for the person who wants to get fit, feel healthier then they have in a long time, regain focus and possibly build an income.  From my experience, the above criteria pretty much fit everyone I talk to about the Zeal For Life product line.  Still, I feel the need to talk about this and explain the products a bit more and touch on promoting the Zeal For Life Challenge and how you can generate an income for those who are interested. [Read more...]

Zeal For Life Scam

It's a Zeal For Life Scam“It’s a Zeal For Life Scam!”  In my time using Zeal For Life products and promoting the Zeal For Life Challenge, the biggest argument that comes up is this…  “Hmmm…  This Zeal For Life sounds like a scam.”  I’ve come to affectionately call this the Zeal For Life Scam.  All kidding aside, the only part of the Zeal For Life Challenge that’s a scam is how ridiculously easy it is…  Yup, it’s ridiculously easy!

Imagine that you can feel better than you have in a long time, lose weight and make some residual income…  All this is possible and yet people are still afraid!  WHAT GIVES!?  This is the opportunity of a life time and yet people are still using the Zeal For Life Scam argument…  If someone was to come to you years ago telling you about this new company called Apple (APPL) and that if you invested now and joined up with this company you could make some serious profit, what would you have done?  Would you have jumped on board?  Did you know that Apple (APPL) is now trading at over $700 a share? [Read more...]

Zeal For Life Testimonials… We Are Changing Lives

Great Zeal For Life TestimonialZeal For Life is growing!  And why is Zeal For Life growing?  Well, it’s simple…  When a company has a product that has been improving peoples’ life in the the way Zeal For Life has been, word will start spreading.

Zeal For Life has been doing great things for so many people and I’m hear to tell you about it.  Not only does it help give your body the nutrition it needs but we also give people a way to generate income.  For me, the two keys to happiness are health and the alleviation of stress.  And that’s what Zeal For Life can help with.  I’m always getting more excited, every day at the changes I’m seeing in peoples lives from getting involved in Zeal For Life and can’t tell you enough about how great this opportunity is! [Read more...]

Why The Zeal For Life Opportunity Is Worth The Risk

The Zeal For Life OpportunityYou have probably heard me talking about the Zeal For Life Challenge and the Zeal For Life Opportunity.  What I probably haven’t explained is why the Zeal For Life opportunity is so powerful!

Zeal For Life has been around for around a year and a half now and in this short amount of time, it has been growing like wildfire!  Why?  Because their business model works!  Zurvita, the founding company for Zeal For Life has created a product that works and works extremely well.  Not only is the Zeal For Life product working but it’s working so well, people who use the product want to tell everyone about it! [Read more...]

Zeal Car Program… It Really Works

This is a video I found on YouTube, It is of Kyle and Heather Granger.  They became car qualifies through Zeal For Life and get to go to the dealership and pick out their new Mercedes, BMW or Cadillac!  How exciting is that!

Wouldn’t you enjoy being able to go to a dealership and pick out an amazing car while having it all payed for by Zeal For Life?  You can have just that with the Zeal For Life Challenge!  Just call us or click the link Buy Zeal Now! at the top right of every page or click this link to find out more!

Thanks Kyle and Heather for recording this great moment!

More Zeal For Life Testimonials!

Everyone has been asking for more testimonials so ask and you will receive!

Here is a great video with Zeal For Life users talking about their experience with Zeal For Life.  So sit back and enjoy this video.

Also, keep your request coming in.  You can me on Twitter and Facebook where you can also request to more posts.

Zeal For Life is changing lives and I want you to take the first step to a happier healthier life!  What is feeling your best and being your healthiest worth to you?  Join the Zeal For Life Challenge and find out why me and so many others believe in Zeal For Life and are as excited as we are to be spreading the word!

You have nothing to lose so stop putting it off!  Click the Buy Zeal Now! button or call us to learn more and get your hands on the best wellness product to come along in decades!

Join Zeal For Life Challenge Now!

I’ve been talking about the Zeal For Life Challenge and can only explain what it is to me and my belief in the Zeal For Life product and Zeal For Life Challenge.  So as much as everyone loves to hear my story over and over again, I’ve decided to post this video that talks more about the Zeal For Life Challenge!

I Feel it is very well done and really helps to explain what the Zeal For Life Challenge is as well as some more details about the Zeal For Life products and how you can get involved in Zeal!

So sit back and enjoy this short video about the Zeal For Life Challenge and get ready to want to Join Zeal For Life Challenge!

Zeal For Life Weight Management

The Zeal For Life Weight Management SystemThe Zeal For Life Weight Management System has been one of the most popular products to hit the market from Zeal.  The success stories seem endless and just the fact that it has improved so many people’s lives makes me smile every day.  Everyone that uses the Zeal For Life Weight Management System has been reporting amazing results, especially those who have taken the 90 day Zeal For Life Challenge!  With testimonials ranging from muscle building to, in some cases, people losing 70 inches, there is no doubt the Zeal For Life Weight Management System works!

But still I’ve been receiving emails asking me for more details about the Zeal For Life Weight Management System.  There seems to be a lot of confusion on what it is…  So, I took a picture of my recent Free Zeal For Life shipment so that I can better explain what it is…

[Read more...]

Welcome To, Join Zeal For Life Challenge!

Welcome To, Join Zeal For Life ChallengeZEAL FOR LIFE!  It almost sounds like a battle cry, doesn’t it?   But what is Zeal For Life and the Zeal For Life Challenge?

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself.  My name is Chip and I use the Zeal For Life Products and LOVE them!  I am a hard working, sometimes over-working, internet based company employee.  I spend my days sitting in front of a computer, staring at a screen, fluttering my fingers across a keyboard putting pixels on a screen in various patterns while living off an IV of energy drinks.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Well as exciting as this may sound, it wasn’t what I saw myself doing for the best years of my life.  I needed a backup plan.

I was feeling drained every day after closing my laptop as my brain grasped to even manufacture coherent thoughts after coming down from my energy drink fueled diet and into the inevitable crash.  I was out of shape, physically and mentally drained and without a social life.  Spending time with family and friends was becoming more of a chore as my workload grew and free time shrank. [Read more...]

Zeal Car Program

zeal car programSo, Zeal for life can give you a happy, healthy lifestyle, income, and now with the Zeal Car Program, a Mercedes, BMW or Cadillac.  Yes, you could get a free Mercedes, BMW or Cadillac paid for by Zeal.  Now at this point you are probably thinking that this sounds ridiculous and there must be some crazy qualification you have to meet.  The truth is you do have to meet a specific goal in order to qualify but it’s a rather simple goal.

Let me break down how the Zeal Car Program actually works.

Once you become a Zeal For Life representative not only can you get your G4 (Free Zeal For Life product), but you can also become car qualified!

If you don’t remember how you get your G4, I’ll explain it again for you.  G4 is achieved when you, a Zeal For Life representative finds 4 others that are also interested in becoming reps and sign up through you.  That is where the “4″ comes from and what gets you your free Zeal.

So now that you have 4 people that have signed up through you, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find more right?  Well if you find 2 more that sign up through you or any other the other people that signed up as reps through you you are now car qualified.  Yup, it’s that simple.  Six people signed up to be representative through you or any of your direct reps and Zeal will get you a free Mercedes, BMW or Cadillac. [Read more...]